Mike Guidera New Hire Announcement

October 13, 2023
Mike Guidera

KCM Group is excited to announce a brand–new addition to our team! Mike Guidera joins the team as a Senior Project Manager, where he will play a primary role in managing the multitude of design, construction, and capital improvement projects funded by Rhode Island Capital Fund (RICAP) and the Rhode Island Health and Educational Building Corporation (RIHEBC). He’ll also be providing his expertise for projects at the University of Rhode Island’s Kingston and Bay campuses

Mike brings invaluable experience to KCM from his past role as Project Director for a construction management firm responsible for the Connecticut College Asset Reinvestment Program. 

A graduate of the Pratt Institute, Mike has over 20 years of experience in the planning of a wide range of projects, and has worked at notable locations throughout Connecticut including the Gilder Boathouse at Yale University and the construction of Paul Newman’s Hole in the Wall Gang Camp. Mike prides himself on working closely with his clients to ensure success. His specialties include preconstruction, sustainable design, glue laminated construction, and asset reinvestment.