KCM Group’s Partnership with CVS: A Closer Look at Data Center Management

May 29, 2024

With a daily presence at CVS’s corporate headquarters in Woonsocket, RI, KCM Group has effectively managed construction, expansion, and operation of the back-of-house infrastructure essential to the company’s operations. 

This long standing relationship extends back to the foundation of KCM Group nearly 15 years ago. Michael Duffy, a seasoned professional in the mechanical, electrical and plumbing industry, was hired by KCM founder Ray Keough in 2009. Ray, with prior experience working as an OPM with CVS, initiated this partnership due to his established rapport with the company. 

Mike’s extensive background, coupled with his previous collaboration with CVS as a subcontractor, positioned him as a natural leader for infrastructure projects. Over the years, KCM Group’s role expanded to encompass a diverse array of projects for CVS, often juggling up to 15 simultaneous projects at multiple data centers across the country. “I believe that KCM Group fills a technical niche,” says Mike of KCM’s relationship with CVS. “We’re a small group that has been doing this work for a long time, we take the work seriously, and we enjoy what we do. I’ve been able to use all of my experiences, and my background in fire protection, electrical, and mechanical, to give CVS a one stop shop for project management and OPM work.” 

KCM Group’s involvement with CVS Health Corporation encompasses a wide range of responsibilities vital to the company’s data center operations. These include managing utility power, backup diesel power generation and fuel farms, chilled water cooling plants, fire protection, gas suppression systems, UPS power distribution, and BMS alarm and control management. Additionally, KCM Group is responsible for the construction and expansion of the buildings housing this critical infrastructure and the data center white space – areas where IT equipment is located, including servers, network gear, power distribution systems, air conditioning units, hot and cold-aisle containment systems, and more. 

KCM Group has managed projects in five data centers across Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Arizona. Our dual role of Construction Manager and Owner’s Project Manager ensure both the technical execution and strategic alignment of these projects.The integration of responsibilities by combining the roles of Construction Manager and Owner’s Project Manager demands a fusion of detailed technical knowledge with strategic oversight, necessitating an understanding of both the construction process and the owner’s broader business objectives. This combined role facilitates communication and decision-making, as the same individual is accountable for executing the technical aspects of the project while also representing the owner’s interests. The benefits of this integration are numerous: streamlined communication enhances efficiency and reduces the potential for misunderstandings, unified decision-making enables quicker resolutions with a comprehensive grasp of technical and strategic considerations, and enhanced accountability ensures clear responsibility for project outcomes. This combined approach proves particularly effective in ensuring the timely and budget-conscious completion of data center projects while closely aligning with the owner’s overarching objectives and constraints. The combined role of Construction Manager and Owner’s Project Manager has been effective in completing projects on time, within budget, and to the required specifications, all while aligning closely with CVS’s strategic objectives.

Looking ahead, KCM Group remains committed to supporting CVS’s infrastructure needs. As technology evolves and the demand for robust data centers grows, KCM Group’s expertise will continue to be invaluable. Our role in ensuring that CVS’s data centers remain state-of-the-art and capable of meeting future challenges is critical to the company’s ongoing success.

Through planning, execution, and oversight, KCM Group has ensured that these critical facilities meet the highest standards of performance and reliability. Our partnership with CVS, more than a decade strong, highlights the importance of combining technical expertise with strategic vision.