Groundbreaking Ceremony for Inter-Tribal Monument at RI Veterans Memorial Cemetery

July 12, 2023

This event served as a tribute to Indigenous veterans, acknowledging their invaluable contributions and sacrifices.

The memorial will stand as a powerful symbol, recognizing the dedication of Native Americans who courageously served in every major American conflict since the American Revolution. Now, construction on the Veterans Monument has been set in motion, led by the collaboration of Douglas Construction and Narragansett Craig Spears Masonry. Instrumental in the realization of this monument was KCM Group’s Kinter Van Horn. His support and expertise were vital in bringing this vision to life as he aided Museum Director Lorén Spears throughout the intricate designs for the new Tomaquag Museum.

Our relationship with Tomaquag Museum in Rhode Island started last summer when KCM was brought in to provide Owner’s Project Management Services for the construction of the new museum. KCM provided assistance during the preconstruction phase, including continuous collaboration with the design team, integration of site and project logistics into bid documents, and expert guidance through the permitting process.

For more details about the groundbreaking ceremony and the extraordinary new monument, follow the provided link.